Documents Required to Get NJMVC Real ID – 2+1+6 Points System

The people who want to get their NJMVC Real ID need to have some documents along with them. Without these required documents, you won’t be able to get your Real ID. After gathering the necessary documents, you can get ahead with the procedure of Real ID. Here the required proofs to get your real ID. 


Required Documents for NJMVC Real ID

You will need to provide a total of two residential proofs to get your Valid NJ Real ID. There is no need to submit any particular kind of proofs but here are some options among which you can choose the residential address proofs:

  • Your driving license or non-driver ID card. You can also submit a driving license renewal form issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission. 
  • Savings or checking account statement with the previous sixty days. 
  • Unexpired and original rental agreement. 
  • 1st class mail received from a government agency in the last 6 months. 
  • Tax statement, receipts, bills received from the tax office in the last 12 months. 
  • Credit card bill which has been issued in the previous ninety days. 
  • If you are under eighteen years old, then you can get a statement from a guardian or parent which certifies the applicant’s address.

For more details, you can also download a detailed checklist here.

documents required for njmvc real id


So, these are some residential proofs among which you can submit only two for the procedure of getting a Real ID. If there is any financial information on your documents, then it could be blacked out without any issue. 

Social Security Number Proof (SSN)

You just need to have one proof of social security number. If you have already got the two residential proofs, you can submit one of the following proofs of SSN:

  • Pay Stub along with your name and SSN.
  • W-2 form can also be submitted but it shouldn’t be older than 12 months. 
  • Social Security Card.
  • You can also submit a 1099 form which has been issued in the past 12 months. 

You just need to choose one of the given proofs to get your real ID. 

Six Points Combination of primary & secondary proofs 

There are documents that have been assigned four and two points by the MVC. You just need to choose the documents in such a way that the total points are six. Here are those documents:

  • Primary document:

You can submit current Form 1-551 or permanent resident card which has been issued by INS. It shouldn’t have been expired and these documents will be of two points. 

  • Secondary documents: 

There are several secondary documents which will be of four points each. Along with one primary document, you can choose one of the given secondary documents:

  • Birth certificate issued by US department 
  • Form FS-240 for the people who have born abroad. 
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Foreign passport along with valid Visa. It shouldn’t be expired. 
  • Photo employment card 

These are the secondary documents which comprise of four points each. You just need to get two residential proofs, one SSN proof, and 6 points primary and secondary proofs. All in all, this would comprise of 5 documents. These documents will help you to get your NJMVC Real ID.

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To get your NJMVC Real ID, you need to submit some documents in the motor vehicle office near your locations. To find more about NJ DMV real id, you can visit the official portal by clicking here.

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