How to Get NJMVC Real ID: Driver Licence

Before standing in the queue to get NJMVC real ID, you should find out if you really need one. Not everyone needs to have the Real ID and that’s why you need to know if you are someone who requires to have real ID. Normally, people use driving license/non-driver ID to fly in different parts of the United States but from 1st October 2020, you will need Real ID if you want to fly within the country. The Real ID will have a golden star and this star won’t be present on the non-real driving license. This is the way you can identify the difference between Real ID and non-real driving license provided by MVC. 


NJMVC Real ID Requirements

If you have a valid passport, then there is no need to get the Real ID.  The people who don’t wish to fly in commercial planes can also avoid applying for the Real IDs.njmvc real id


Procedure to Get NJMVC Real ID

Here is the procedure to get NJMVC Real ID from your nearby agency:

  • First of all, you need to go to the Real ID location near you. The beta-testing for Real ID locations will be conducted by MVC during summers and after that, the citizens can find out about their locations to get a Real ID
  • When you will get the location, you can go to the agency where you need to fill up a form and submit some documents. These documents aren’t similar to the non-real driving license but these have additional documents including residential proof and social security number of the citizen. 
  • Some people are worried about standing in long queues to get their Real IDs but you will get the facility to sit in the agency. There will be a seat for almost every person who will visit the agency to get their IDs. The people who are handicapped will be provided with separate windows with lower desktops.  
  • When you will reach the agency, there will be commission employees who would enter your information and other details to get the documents verified. After clearing documents, they would be scanned in the database of the state commission. The scanned details would be sent to the federal database and this is something different from previous years. 
  • Your picture will be taken for the driving Real ID and you will be required to pay an amount of $11 for the unexpired license. If your license has been expired and you want to get it upgraded to Real ID, then you can make payment of $24.

Pay Your Motor Vehicle Parking Ticket Online @

You can also use NJ Courts online motor vehicle parking ticket payment portal to pay your traffic violation fines. To search for your challan, you need to have a challan number or license plate number. Find out more here.


So, this is a simple procedure to get your real ID. From 1st October 2020, the citizens of the US can go to their nearby Real ID NJMVC agencies to get their IDs. It would only take around ten minutes to get your driving license upgraded to Real ID. If you will go to the non-validated agencies, your time will get wasted and that’s why it is advised that you prefer the agencies which are validated by MVC officials.  

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