How Can You Apply for NJMVC Real ID: Document Requirements

From 1st October 2020, every citizen of New Jersey will be required to own a  Real ID if he/she wants to fly in the commercial plane in different parts of the US without having any passport. Earlier, people could use their non-real ID to fly within the US but to ensure more security and safety, MVC officials have decided to allot Real IDs to the citizens. The real ID will have a golden star on the right corner and this will be the way to identify between real and non-real driving license. It is not mandatory for every person to get a Real ID but if you are planning to fly to another state within the US without any passport, then you need to have the Real ID with you. 

If you want to get the NJMVC driving license Real ID, then you have to get your appointment at Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey. The Real ID will be offered by the officials from 1st October 2020 and at that time, different agencies will be chosen in the various locations to ease the procedure for the applicants. It is not a difficult task to get the driving license updated and it will only need ten to fifteen minutes to get the work done. There should be photographs of yours in which you can’t smile at all. Here is the easy procedure to get your real ID within ten minutes. For applying here is the procedure.


Documents required to Get NJMVC Real ID

You will need six documents to get accepted for the Real ID procedure. Social Security number, birth certificate, residential proofs, and other documents should form the 2+1+6 formula.

apply for njmvc real id

There should be two residential proofs, one social security proof and six points of primary and secondary documents. The documents submitted by you should be unexpired and validated by the government. 

Go to the Nearby NJMVC Real ID Location

The MVC officials will choose agencies for Real ID procedures in various parts of your area. This work will be done in summers and till then you need to wait to find out about your location. After visiting the location, there will be employees who will take your information and get your documents verified. After the document verification, those will be scanned and sent to the federal database. 

Make the payment

You also need to pay a little fee to get your Real ID. The people who have their unexpired driving license will need to pay only $11 to get the Real ID. If you have an expired license, then you have to pay an amount of $24 to upgrade to Real ID. Some general questions will also be asked from you after which the procedure is finished. It will only take ten to fifteen minutes to get your work done if you will go to the validated agency near you. This real ID can be used for domestic flights and also driving vehicles on the road. There will be the golden star in the corner of your Real ID which will make you stand out from the non-real license owners.


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