Requirements for Applying NJ DMV & NJMVC Real ID – Near by Locations

If you are also confused about the NJ DMV & NJMVC Real ID, then you can get all your doubts cleared by getting clear knowledge of it. The driving Real ID licenses are coming soon in New Jersey at Nearby locations and it will be one of the safest and secure Real IDs for people. If anyone wants to board a commercial plane without any passport, then that person should have a Real ID with him/her. Here are some questions which might be in your mind regarding Real ID license:


Does everyone need to get the Real ID?

If you are a normal person who wants to drive cars and bikes on road, then having a normal driving license is enough for you but if you want to board a commercial plane, then you need to get a Real ID for yourself. There are no strict rules for every citizen to have the Real ID but non-real ID won’t be accepted at airports.njmvc real id requirements


How much do you need to pay to get an NJMVC Real ID and why?

The people who already own a non-real driving license can get it converted to Real ID by visiting the MVC office. You will need to pay an amount of $11 if you have an unexpired license as it is set by state rules and regulations. There might be some extra costs but the fees will be affordable for the citizens. 

Do you need to provide similar six ID points as you did in the current license procedure?

When you want to get the Real ID, then the six points will be changed as per the MVC officials. You also need to provide residential proofs and social security number proof. Not complete information has been revealed by Real ID NJ but you will be soon updated with the new information. 

NJMVC & NJ DMV Real ID Conditions

No person wants to waste his/her precious time while standing in the queues and that’s why MVC is doing various things. The queuing system will be operated in the agencies and the customers will be provided a number whenever they would enter the agency. One can sit on the bench until they are called near the window. There will be separate windows for the people who are in wheelchairs. If someone is suffering from a medical condition, then that person can also go to the receptionist to tell about the medical issues faced by him/her. 

Can illegal citizens get the NJMVC Real ID?

The individuals who don’t have lawful status in the United States won’t get any Real ID. People who have lawful status and can present all the necessary requirements and documents in the office are eligible to get their Real IDs. Whether you are a permanent or temporary citizen of the country, you can get a Real ID but you have to fulfill all the necessary requirements for it.


These are the answers to some of your doubts and the Real ID procedure would begin from 1st October 2020 and you need to keep yourself updated with the information provided by the official MVC site

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