How to Check Drivers Record, Accessing Histories

Law enforcement has all the power and rights to access your driving record. It doesn’t matter if it is short or too long, knowing your record matters a lot as it conveys information regarding how big or small the fines are. All information about traffic violations, accidents, fee payment history and suspension of driver’s license is contained in the driving records. It also contains information such as the violation type and its date of occurrence. 


Getting your Driver History

The driving record will permanently hold the history of points received by you because of violations and these points can result in severe circumstances such as New Jersey driver’s license suspension, an increase in insurance rates and high fines. 

Apart from you, several other people or authorities such as an insurance company, an attorney, law enforcement agencies and an employer can have access to your driving record. You can access your driving record in three different ways: in person, through mail and online. 

Online Method

Registering with the NJ MVC (Motor vehicle commission) is the first step to be completed to request or view a non-certified record of yours online. To register, you need to provide some details such as your zip code, SSN (Social security number) and driver’s license number. You will be provided with a New jersey MVC user ID after your identity is verified. 

The next step is to log onto MyMVC website and submit the following details:

  • USER ID which was obtained in the previous step.
  • The last four digits of your SSN.
  • Driver’s license number.

After this, you can select the type of record that you want to access and complete the payment of $15 as a fee. 

By Mail

If you don’t need to rush into receiving a copy of your driver record, you can choose this way. On the official website of NJ MVC, you can find a form for Driver’s history request. You need to fill this form first. Along with the filled form you also need to submit a copy of your driver’s license and a check of $15 and mail it to the address mentioned by NJ MVC (Motor vehicle commission) on their official website. 


Once you are comfortable and patient enough to visit a motor vehicle commission office at your nearest, this way is the best. You need to take with you all the details that were mentioned in the previous two ways of requesting a copy of your driver record. The payment can be done at the office either by credit/debit card or check. 


For more information and guidelines, you can visit the official website of NJ MVC. It is never a good feeling to see the flashing lights of police cars in your rearview mirror. Hence it is good to keep a track of your driving record and clear off the fines if any.   

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