How to replace a lost/stolen Driver Licence

There are several cases where many lose their license or they get stolen, so in such situations, the solution is to get the duplicate license. Only in such cases off a loss, the duplicate license is replaced. Duplicate driver license cannot be used as a secondary copy. And no driver is allowed to have any number of license copies.

To get a duplicate license you can approach any motor vehicle agency or through online procedures.

Get a Licence Replacement from Motor Vehicle Agency

To initiate the process of license duplication there is a requirement of certain items:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Social security number
  • Email ID
  • Credit card
  • A printer to print the license or the receipt 

 The licenses which have the expiration in 90 days are not allowed to get their license duplicated. But still, most of them are allowed in the agency to get it done.

Getting a license after you are 21 will not erase the provisional license details in the online database. So if you require a standard license you need to approach the agency the get the license upgraded.

It really takes almost about 14 days for any individual to get their duplicate license or ID. First, you are needed to do the payment and later on the agency provides the document that has to be printed and that document is valid for 30 days period after the issue time.

Six Points ID Requirements to issue a new license

 If you choose to approach the agency then you must:

  • Get 6 points of ID and the address proof

The 6 points of ID is basically to get a driving license anyone has to prove their identity by going through these 6 points of ID verification

  • Finish the form BA-208 for the license required or form BA-207 for non-drivers ID

These are provided only at the motor vehicle agencies.

  • You must also pay the fee of $11 to get the process done.

When you attempt to produce a duplicate for the license which might be lost or stolen of any particular diver without their knowledge, you are required to put in a new photo for it. 

So for that, the full face of the person will be captured from the top to bottom for the license. And if there is any medical or religious aspect of the need for covering the face it must be informed prior to the agency.

Stolen licenses or ID’s 

These issues must be immediately informed to the police. And if there is any out of the state situation as in you are not able to appear directly then certain instructions must be followed. For more, visit the home page by clicking here.

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