What is Suspension and Restoration Fees

In case of any expiration of the license, it can always be renewed by restoring it or registering it. Otherwise, the license won’t be valid for use. Find NJMVC & NJ DMV charges for suspension and restoration of driver’s license.


Fees for Restoration NJ DMV Licence

This fee must be paid online which is $100. If there is a requirement of quicker proceeding of the mail then amount or check must be sent to NJMVC, with a small note of suspension to NJ MVC. But if it’s for a full-service vehicle agency then the payment must be given offline. It is very necessary to add the driver’s license number on each of the payments.

suspension and restoration fees

If the fines to the MVC are to be restored then you are required to show the proofs and they must be accepted. If all the reasons for the suspension are accepted and completed its period and paid the fees, then the restoration notice will be received through the mail.

Parking tickets for NJMVC

The tickets and suspensions are preceded by NJ municipal courts and MVC has to take on the decisions of the court by producing the suspension to the recorded history of the driver.

All the specifications mentioned below the ticket must be followed and if it’s lost then municipal courts must be perused. And mostly the payment is done through online or mail even offline.

If you receive fines for the vehicle plates that aren’t yours then you can approach the MVC and submit the proof of the old nameplate which is being fined and its receipt, the new ones and attach a letter with a ticket copy to it and send that so that they would resolve the issue.

Restorations of uninsured motorist suspensions under NJMVC Real ID

If in any case you are an uninsured motorist and got suspension then to restore it you must first produce a photocopy of present NJ insurance ID card or even the photocopy of present insurance policy for the vehicle through fax or mail.

Vehicle Ownership Verification

If you are no more owner of the vehicle or if its registration happens in some other state then;

It’s required to provide its registration certificate and the license plate to MVC and produce a receipt of giving away the license owners. 

NJ point schedule

Here any drivers driving history can be checked by reviewing how many points are assigned on their license.  If more than 6 points are given under 3 years of driving, then you will be surcharged. If 12 or more are given then the license will be suspended. These points are definitely helpful to improve the insurance rates. You can also try to deduct these points by attending some driving courses which are approved.

Driving Under Influence

A driver who has consumed alcohol of 0.08% and more is called DUI. There are penalties provided for such acts such as:

Fines, suspension of license, putting under bars, a command to do some sort of services to society, etc. There are also such penalties for underage DUI and for refusing the alcohol test.

And the ones who are subjected to any alcoholic or drug or driving offense they have to undergo the intoxicated driver program.


NJ MVC & NJ DMV are shifting to real id from October 1, 2020. In case you need a piece of detail information about how to pay the restoration charges online,  you can go to the official website. For more information please visit here.

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