NJMVC Real ID FAQ’s [Frequently Asked Questions]

From October 2020 NJMVC is going to implement real id. There are federal requirements for driver licenses and non-driver identity proof to stop fraud identity.


What is the REAL ID?

REAL ID is the new federal requirement for state-issued driver licenses and non-driver IDs to help prevent fraudulent identification.

Real ID is a compulsory requirement of United States federal law for driver identity purposes. This real id will help to prevent fraud identification of persons in the USA.

Who is Required to get a Real ID & What is a need for it?

If you want to fly within the USA then, probably you need a real id. However, you are not compulsorily required a real id, If you are having a valid US passport or another federally approved proof. The standard new jersey driver’s license is also valid for driving. So accordingly you may go for obtaining real id.

When will real id be implemented & Where can I get it?

Currently, they are beta testing real id at different locations in the United States. Once it will complete then, they will notify you via email. In case, you want to sign up for the notification, click here to visit their official link at NJMVC real id portal through www.njmcdirect.com.

How Can I change my current driver’s license or non-driver ID to a REAL ID?

After the expiry of your current driver’s license or id, you can opt for real id by visiting any registered agency approved by the new jersey motor vehicle commission. There is a fee of 11 USD decided by them.

What to do if my current driver’s license or non-driver ID expires after September 30, 2020?

In that case, you need to take a real id or you should use your passport or another approved document of identification to fly within the US.

Can u tell me the difference between Real id and standard license or non-driver id?

Standard driver license or non-driver id will not be accepted as identity proof to fly within the US after September 30, 2020. In looking there is no difference like New Jersey standard driver license. The main difference is a star in the upper right corner which indicates a real id. The standard driver’s license will have to be words, not for real id purposes printed on it. However, for driving purposes both are valid.

Which documents do I need to get a real id?

For getting real id by NJ motor vehicle commission, you have to provide 2+1+6= real id documents like 1 document as a proof of address and add up to 6 points according to the New Jersey motor vehicle commission guideline. 2 Documents as proof of your address and 1 document as proof of social security number is also required. You can use the document selector tool on their official portal for more information.

Do you scan and store my information?

Yes, due to compulsory federal requirements for security purposes. We scan your documents and securely stored in an encrypted format.

Are you sharing my information with the federal government?

You can find these guidelines on the DHS website. Yes, we are sharing your information with the federal government which is duly verified by us.

How can I get a Real Id?

If this is your first Real Id or non-driver ID, you need to get an appointment at nearby locations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You can also sign up on their website and they will contact you once they start offering Real ID.

Is there a long queue in the MVC agency? Which is the best time to visit?

Currently, the agency is dedicated to shortening the lines at the locations. However, you do not need to visit the agency for certain transactions like renewal process of your standard driver license or non-driver ID.

Can I skip the visit to the agency for Real ID?

NJ MVC is providing a solution on its official website so that, you can skip the trip. Even, they are recommending you meet them in the middle option i.e. during the middle of the month or in the middle of the day. You can visit them when the lines are shortest.

What is the recognition of Real ID driver license?

Real ID driver license is recognized in all the places to fly within the USA.

Age Limit for the Real ID?

They have not given any detailed information about the applicable age on this matter. You can visit the federal DHS website for more information.

Is my current driver’s license or non-driver ID be acceptable as identification to fly within the U.S.?

After October 1, 2020, your current driver’s license or non-driver ID will no be accepted to fly within the USA. So, technically you need a Real ID. However, driving your current driver’s license still valid.

What is the fee for Real ID?

There is a fee of $11 to get a Real ID. It is a one-time payment.

I have lost my New Jersey Real ID. What to do?

You can get a replacement for your Real ID by visiting a motor vehicle agency near your location by fulfilling their document requirements.


With effect from October 2020, NJMVC is going to implement a new Real ID system for flying within the USA. This Real ID is based on a 2+1+6 system along with a star mark on the top left corner. Make sure to get your Real ID, If required by you.

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