How to Change Name in NJ MVC ID

There are cases when people change their names due to various reasons. If you are a resident of New Jersey and have changed your name, then you must have a legal proof for the name change. This proof will be considered for services like a name change in NJ MVC Real ID. When you change your name, it is necessary to update your new name with MVC (Motor vehicle commission) of New Jersey on some of the documents like NJ ID card or driver’s license, vehicle registration card and NJ certificate of title.


Change your Name in NJMVC Real ID

As a part of the process of updating your NJ driver’s license or ID card with your new name, you should first notify the NJ Motor vehicle commission and then your name with SSA (Social security Administration) must be changed. 

This process cannot be done online or through mail as you should visit the Motor vehicle agency at your closest and provide all the required legal documents. These documents must be either original documents or certified by the municipal and contain their seal. One document providing clear proof about your previous name and current name should be submitted mandatorily. Some of the other documents requirements are as follows.

Documents Required for Name Change

Legal documentation that shows your name change such as Civil union certificate, Certified marriage certificate, divorce decree, and Adoption papers. 

One of the documents from the primary ID documents list must be provided. The list includes documents such as Civil birth certificate, current driver’s license, and the U.S passport. 

One of the documents from the secondary ID documents list must be provided.  The list includes documents such as civil marriage certificate, domestic partner certificate, civil union certificate, divorce decree and a court order with the signature of a court clerk or a judge. 

You must also provide proof of residency in New Jersey. Credit card or utility bill issued within 90days, Original rental or lease agreement and statement of savings or checking account can act as proofs for your residency at New Jersey. 

The documents provided by you must be accompanied by translation just in case if they are not in English. You can obtain a translation from an approved translator and the list of the same can be viewed by click here.

How much fees do I need to pay?

The total fee for this process of name change in your NJ MVC Real ID is $11 and you can pay this fee only by visiting an MVC office at your closest.
The NJ MVC official website provides necessary information on obtaining the certified documents from municipal. In their website, you can find the customer support line at (609) 292-6500 which works on all days from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. except on holidays. 


All the documents produced must be legal. It is very important to update your name on NJ MVC Real ID. This ID is useful for various purposes and when you don’t update your current name, it can cause a lot of chaos. 

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